Fan comments

Claude LaLiberté

What a magnificent work of art! What a fabulous book! I've read my share of Elvis books and a few discographies, but yours top them all. Of course I didn't have the time to read it, but glanced through the pages, almost one by one. I understand why it took you a few years to gather all the information that it contains. I tip my hat to your tenacity but mainly you help me remember one of my favorite Elvis' songs: The Impossible Dream, which could be coupled with I Believe, as you had needed both to achieve your project. I congratulate you and your team for the release of your book. If I was with you, I would offer you a glass of fine bubbly champagne to you all.
I also want to thank you for having given me the possibility of being a little part of this book with my stories. I feel very privileged to be among great Elvis' fans and those who wanted to make Elvis sound shared by everyone, even if sometimes money was their motive. To let their stories became public and known to everyone was not only a brilliant idea, but almost an obligation. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sang what could be said about your book : "Thanks For The Memories"

Ger Rijff

Only got it delivered to me, thru the mail, less than 10 minutes ago... And I'm baffled!
This is much, much better, than I'd ever exspected it to be. Buy it without any hesitation.
Books of this historical importance, and quality, only come around once, or twice, in a decade.
Yes, it's that good!
When I can, I'll read some of the chapters and get back to you people, in the coming days.
BUY IT! Before it's a sell out.
I can now proudly give it to my son and say: In here you can read about what your dad
did, and will be remembered for in the weird world of Elvis bootlegging.
A big bottoms up to the makers of this book. Cheers!

Steve Morse

The quality of this book is astounding. My parents had a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica ("EB"), 1953 edition - in fact one of my brothers still has the set, mostly as a decoration ! Bootleg Elvis is like one of those volumes, so superbly bound is it with gorgeous quality paper and deluxe binding. I hasten to point out that EB has much thinner paper. I'm pretty sure that this is the highest quality production I have ever seen in an Elvis book.
The research time that must have gone into this is mind-boggling, in which aspect the EB comparison is not an outlandish one. In the few articles I have read so far, the English is very, very good - others take note !! I have spotted one typo, on P. 559, one third of the way down in the first column. Doubtless there will be others, but that's understandable.
Each alphabetical section appears to be preceded by a full page illustration of record shops or record collections. Now, if that sounds boring or disappointing, then I assure you it's neither. They are superb photos in themselves, regardless of any Elvis content - an elegant touch in an elegant book.
All I can say is a very big 'thank you' to all the guys involved in this project, from beginning to end. It is a masterpiece. As mentioned elsewhere, I have only a few bootleg LPs, but I was there at the beginning, eagerly handing over my money at the 1970 Elvis Convention in Luxembourg for the Please Release Me LP and 45, carefully protecting them all the way back to England ! Hell, it was only 42 years ago !

Bill Tanner

Mine came this morning and I’ve had a few hours with it already. I’d like to congratulate the authors on producing such a stunning book. I expected it to be good, I didn’t expect it to be as good as this.
It’s stylish and groovy, and it simply drips with class; from the embossed cover to the different paper types used inside. It’s tactile. The single page plates illustrating the records in shops etc is wonderfully done. And the text … superb! Obviously written by people who have a passion for the subject, and it shows. It's written in a pithy and entertaining manner that’s fun to get into, the descriptions of the records themselves are actually interesting to read even if you’ve never seen the record because of the lovely ‘off the wall’ kind of prose. If the record is a pile of crap, it’s described as such. If it’s a classic and an item of great beauty, it’s given the praise it warrants. In its own way, it’s quite delightful to read, (and some seventies apologists may not like some of the text, be warned!).
I’ve never been one of those fans that constantly comes up with the “awesome – essential purchase” lines that get banded around whenever a halfway decent book comes along, and I’m often unpopular because I’m dismissive of what other see as quality products. But this book really is something special, take it from me. It’s compiled with such care and attention to detail. I’m looking forward to many hours of fun with it. I’ve already started cataloguing my seventy odd bootleg vinyls. What bliss!
A last word to the authors - you know that delight and awe you feel when you hold the Golden Archives ’61 benefit show LP in your hands? Well I can guarantee there are lots and lots of fans feeling the same pleasure and awe this week gazing at your fine, fine tome.
Respect guys, you’ve really done well with this. It’s a tale of scoundrels and heros and great, great Elvis music. What’s not to like?

Peter (Memphis Flash)

Well, received it yesterday, and what can I say about this book ... It's good ... no wait, it's better! what ? no better than that ... To me this is one of the BEST BOOKS ever!! This book is one I can't put down.
I know now I've been conned in the 80's. Record dealers told me then, ''sure, this is a first pressing'. Now after 30+ years i know I have a second pressing of f.i. 'Got A Lot O Living To Do'. It's on the 'Party' label instead of the first 'Pirate' label. Damn! I had so many questions since then. And all are answered in this wonderful bible on bootlegging.
I cannot image how many hours must have gone into this project, It's a true labour of love by people who cared and had a great love for the 'illegal' Elvis product.
It's printed on two kinds of paper, the general info on bootlegging , background info, story's by people involved, is printed on wood-free matte paper stock, while the vinyl reviews are printed on coated silk paper. I'm sure glad that they didn't went for glossy style paper a-la the Elvis files books. The binding is perfect, when opened in the middle, it lies flat open on your table, so it's very easy to read! I've been told that the body font was especially made for this book, it's classy and very easy on the eyes. The lay-out is perfect for this style of book, the designer did an outstanding job!
If you are into Elvis bootlegs ('white albums' as we called them), than this is a book what you should ad to your collection, I honestly think that you will read it, check it, cross reference it and suck up all the info that is provided - it's THE essential read on this matter.
Guys ..., Felix, Rolf, Peter, Dick and Bruno, I take a deep bow to you, and congratulate you with such a wonderful product, and I am thankful that you took the (finicial) risk to release this book with nocompromise on quality.
I think I need a second copy, cause i'm gonna wear it out...
I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Willem Kaauw

The book is even better than I imagined, this is a labour of love for sure.
Love the design, love the stories, love the quality of the paper, and love the price.
The stories are great, especially the 1967 story, you have to read it yourself.
I have deep respect for you guys.
Together with the upcoming Sun book, these two products are essential.


Have just received my copy of BOOTLEG ELVIS. This book is top notch in terms of quality and reference content.
Book was wrapped in plastic and when I turned it over to unwrap, I felt a strange "vinyl-like" feel on my fingertips from the front cover. I immediately knew what it was and this small creative attention to detail is a perfect example as to how this book pretty much sets apart from many others. Even before I opened it to the first page, I was impressed and it caused the first of many smiles to come across my face as I went through. Definitely, a very nice touch (pun intended)!
Publisher binding, paper, print and color are all of the highest quality. The vast majority of photos (album covers, sometimes back covers, inner sleeves, labels and a smattering of beautiful splash vinyl examples) are in crisp, clear color. As a bibliophile, I can tell you that this book is tops in terms of quality - easily one of the best ever to come out of The EP World. It's a timeless keeper that more than surpasses the famous "Jailhouse Rock" book of times past. IMO, a glorious landmark publication for hardcore EP (music & vinyl) fans. If you don't have any vinyl, it may just make you want to start the hunt. If you do, like me, you will probably be turning first to read about your own collection and favorite releases. Regardless of the category you fall into as a fan, you are guaranteed to learn something that you didn't know in the process. Such is the magic of this book.
Am, of course, still working my way through the detailed reference section, but based on the entries that I have read, the descriptions are of perfect length and background, dispensing interesting and sometimes amusing facts and history about specific titles.
The part I enjoyed the most about this book, was the introductory first chapter giving a breathtaking survey synopsis presentation of the entire history of *specifically* EP bootlegs, right up to the present! No spoilers here, but rest assured, it is a thrilling and insightful read. It also includes a detailed discussion of terminology usage in the book and a very convenient alphabetical listing of all the bootleg vinyl titles included in the contents.
If read with a critical mindset, the section towards the end of the book authored by specific bootleggers is a lot of fun. Suffice it to say, there are occasional puddles of BS and hyperbole to be careful about stepping in, but it all makes for a very enjoyable and amusing read. It is also a wonderful personal touch, including the voices of some of those who were there and part of the actual history - adding a bit of unique personality to this glorious publication.
To all those behind this classic, landmark and timeless book - a hearty THANK YOU. It has an honored place in my bookshelf, behind glass and will bring me many years of enjoyment. The DEFINITIVE book on EP Boot vinyl. As the authors state, perhaps one day, others shall step up to make one about CD's, but it just won't ever really be truly quite the same as compared to the huge artwork, beautiful inner sleeves and sheer tactile pleasure that came with vinyl (although I would argue that some of the Fort Baxter Profile CD box sets come pretty close - wink!).