After more than four years in the making, we are happy to announce that the ultimate book on Elvis vinyl bootlegs, the 640 pages strong, hardcover BOOTLEG ELVIS is released to rave reviews.

In different chapters you will find everything from the general story of (Elvis) bootlegs to nearly 1.000 entries of illicit records of the King of Rock and Roll to never before told stories from the people behind such landmark bootleg releases like "The Million Dollar Quartet", "The Hillbilly Cat "Live"", "The Rockin' Rebel" and the first ever Elvis bootleg "Please Release Me".

Relive the magic of Elvis Presley superstar. Relive the magic of the good old vinyl days. It's all here, richly illustrated and written in a pithy and entertaining manner that will fascinate you. Only thing; copies are selling very fast and if you did not get your Elvis super souvenir in form of this book, please make sure to order it quickly through one of the dealers listed on our website.